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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

How to Nominate the Nominees

Hello anipals *waves frantikally* and welcome to the second annual Anipal Academy Awards.
The nominees and winners are determined by YOO so we need yoo to get off yer furry, feathery or nekkie bootay and showcase yer brilliance to make these awards a success. Here's how to do yer part...

See those boxes on the left!?! Well yoo simply write the name of the anipal(s) yoo think should be nominated in the specific categories (using their @Twitter name). 
If that's too hard fur yoo than one has to wondur how yoo manage turn on yer computer evary morning.


  • Most Sensational Dog 
  • Favorite Anipal
  • Most Sensational Cat
  • Funniest/Giggle Instigator
  • Most Sensational Human
  • Most Creative
  • Most Sensational Other
  • Favorite Blogger
  • Most Sensational Newbie
  • Most Sensational Avatar
  • Most Likely to Take Over the World
  • Most Kind-Hearted

Once the nomination process has concluded (nominations end on Sunday, Oct. 16) a committee will filter thru the anipals YOO have selected and the top nominees will be officially nominated in their respective category and the voting will begin! WOOOHOOOO!

1 comment:

  1. Oscar's Blog is of course most disappointed not to have been nominated but he bows to those Superiors who will go forward and bring honour to the name CAT.