Official Sponsor of the 2011 Anipal Academy Awards

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Nomination/Voting Rules

When nominating or voting for a category you may nominate/vote for as many anipals as you like. You may only cast ONE nomination/vote for that anipal though. 

The anipal you are nominating or voting for must be part of the mainstream anipal community. They must be known to someone on the committee or someone who knows a committee member or that vote will be nullified. 

Please forward any questions regarding nominating/voting or anything related to the awards to our twitter account @AnipalAwards



  1. Iz confoozled cuz teh furst sentenss sayz you can vote/nominayte once only but az meny tiems az you like. o dear.

  2. You may nominate as many DIFFERENT anipals in one particular category as you like BUT you may only nominate or vote for an anipal ONCE.

    For example you can nominate each one of your fur ends if you want BUT you can only vote for each of them once.